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Shipping & Delivery

Mesh Furniture will always try to organise fast & cost-effective method to deliver your order. Large, Bulky products are usually shipped via Specialist Furniture Removalist.

Made to Order: Standard Production & Delivery Lead-time is 14 – 18 weeks. Optional Priority Sea Freight Delivery Option (8 – 12 weeks lead-time) is available at an additional cost.

For Goods in Stock, delivery time may vary from 48 hours to 15 working days depending on location / state and other factors.
All deliveries are to the door / entrance on ground level.
Un-packing, Assembling, Product Placement & Rubbish Removal is not included in Cost of Delivery.
Delivery Dates are Estimates. Delays may happen due to various factors beyond our direct control.
Mesh Furniture will not be liable for any damage, loss or expenses incurred by you or to any third party involved due to any delay in delivery of your order.

rattan – outdoor use

kindly read this note if your order is rattan furniture specified for outdoor use. 

rattan is a material with extraordinary characteristics, but with limitations. rattan is a vine of the palm race, which grows in very humid or even swampy equatorial forests. with its siliceous skin like glass, this extremely solid and light vine is particularly resistant to humidity, just like tropical timber like teak.

but this resistance has its limitations. exposed to rain, rattan resists very well for a day. but if it rains continuously for hours, humidity will gradually penetrate rattan. dampness will slowly degrade material allowing it to lose its stain & resistance qualities.

this characteristic of rattan requires responsible use by a customer.
on the terraces of parisian cafes, the chairs last for years. but they dried prior to being stacked every night & secured under cover allowing them to stay dry when not is use.
generally, rattan can withstand rain for long hours without compromising its longevity, but products must be dried immediately & regularly. when not in use, it is imperative to place / store products under cover in a ventilated shelter to avoid progressive humidification.

conclusion: rattan specified for outdoor use will withstand continuous rain for a day; however, it must be manually dried immediately. all rattan products must be stored under cover = not exposed to weather when not in use.