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A Collection inspired by the natural tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean, that makes you feel good and leaves you with an emotional response.


We are Commercial Furniture manufacturers & suppliers to Hospitality & Commercial venues.

Our products are uncomplicated and contemporary with a defined design influence combined with exceptional quality & comfort to enhance indoor & outdoor dining experiences.

Our manufacturing process predominantly involves traditional art of production but with a modern twist.
Crank & Mesh. The perfect playground for designers. 

Founded in 2010 by Hemang Savla, Crank & Mesh Furniture has built an unrivalled reputation in Australia for Hand-Made Modern, Rattan, Industrial, Mid-Century Classic & Retro Bespoke Hospitality & Commercial Furniture.
With a Masters Degree in Luxury Brand Management from E.S.S.E.C, Paris, Hemang gained valuable experience working & living between Paris, New York and Mumbai; associated with Fashion & Fine Jewelry.
In September 2010, Hemang migrated to Australia and exhibited a product line at a leading Trade Fair in Sydney with a sincere attempt at offering a differentiated Furniture Range.
Like any (and every) new business, it takes a bit of luck, many sleepless nights, lots of hard work, months and months of patience to get that first required break.
That break came in late 2011, when promoters of a new age café situated in the warehouse district of Alexandria in Sydney, entrusted Crank Furniture to create an entire range of be-spoke Industrial pieces (Coffee Counters, Cast Iron Dining Tables, Industrial Style seating, Outdoor Garden Furniture, Display Trolleys and Carts) for their ground breaking venture.
We delivered. A Sydney Icon, The Grounds of Alexandria, was born. And that also began the mark of Crank Furniture’s journey in Australia.
Mesh Furniture was born in 2019, a range inspired from the eclectic streets of Paris & natural tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean.

Today, Crank & Mesh Furniture manufactures & supplies to reputed clients across USA, UK, Europe, Australasia & The Middle East, offering a formidable & an ever-evolving range of furniture to the design Industry. 

rattan – outdoor use

kindly read this note if your order is rattan furniture specified for outdoor use. 

rattan is a material with extraordinary characteristics, but with limitations. rattan is a vine of the palm race, which grows in very humid or even swampy equatorial forests. with its siliceous skin like glass, this extremely solid and light vine is particularly resistant to humidity, just like tropical timber like teak.

but this resistance has its limitations. exposed to rain, rattan resists very well for a day. but if it rains continuously for hours, humidity will gradually penetrate rattan. dampness will slowly degrade material allowing it to lose its stain & resistance qualities.

this characteristic of rattan requires responsible use by a customer.
on the terraces of parisian cafes, the chairs last for years. but they dried prior to being stacked every night & secured under cover allowing them to stay dry when not is use.
generally, rattan can withstand rain for long hours without compromising its longevity, but products must be dried immediately & regularly. when not in use, it is imperative to place / store products under cover in a ventilated shelter to avoid progressive humidification.

conclusion: rattan specified for outdoor use will withstand continuous rain for a day; however, it must be manually dried immediately. all rattan products must be stored under cover = not exposed to weather when not in use.